2016 Vital Signs Goal Surpassed!

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“Thanks to the successes of 2016 and our many loyal supporters, the Prince County Hospital Foundation has exceeded its goal of $887,800 and has been able to assist the hospital to purchase all of their greatest needs from the 2016 Vital Signs Equipment Campaign,” says Foundation Managing Director, Heather Matheson. “In our efforts to ensure this hospital is vibrant and viable for many years to come, we are incredibly fortunate to have the continued support of so many generous donors. It is their donations that keep PCH fully equipped in every department.”

Whether it was a Hemodialysis Machine ($25,000), a Portable Fluoroscopy Unit ($250,000) for Diagnostic Imaging or a Vital Signs Machine ($5,000) needed in Medical/Palliative Care; each piece plays a vital role in caring for thousands of patients from all over PEI each year.  “As a major acute care hospital on PEI, it is of the utmost importance that we continue to improve and replace the medical equipment at PCH. These items are not here for a rainy day- they are saving lives each and every day,” continued Matheson. “…and none of that is possible without our donors.”

Included in the greatest needs list to be purchased from 2016 are an array of beds, stretchers, and mattresses required in several departments and valued at $185,600 in total. Stretchers such as the one being shown by Surgical Services Manager Julie Chisholm, second from left, RN Marie Schurman, second from right, Anaesthetist Dr. Nihat Bhuiyan, and Surgeon Dr. Robert McKay, right, are vital to patient care at PCH.

Looking forward to 2017, the PCH Foundation will face a challenging year that will include preparations to completely revitalize the hospital’s three operating rooms. Ms. Chisholm and Dr McKay will sit on a committee to guide this large scale project – a project that bodes well for surgery at the Prince County Hospital. “Upgrading the technology and staying ahead of the tech curve allows you to do state of the art laparoscopic procedures. If you’re going to do state of the art procedures you need state of the art equipment,” explained Dr. Robert McKay – Surgeon at PCH and Physician representative on the committee to upgrade the PCH Operating Rooms.