2020 Vital Signs Results

The Prince County Hospital Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2020 Vital Signs Appeal. The charity is responsible for the provision of new and replacement medical equipment for the benefit of patients and staff at PCH. The 2020 appeal boasted a $1,485,280 goal and featured priority medical equipment from nearly every department at the hospital.

“This was an exceptional year in so many ways—both positive and negative,” said Past-President Liz Maynard whose presidential term ended with the calendar year. “In early March we were prepared to launch our annual public campaign to raise funds for medical equipment. Before the month’s end those plans were placed on hold due to the onset of COVID-19 and the specific needs that it presented at PCH. As the hospital shifted focus, we followed suit; producing a short-term online campaign to fulfill needs like a glidescope and much more.” Maynard continued, “By June, things were settled enough on PEI that we could resume our appeal to raise $1,485,280 needed to keep PCH up-to-date in 2020. Adaptation became the only way to move forward… a sentiment shared by so many in the business community. With each turn we needed to adapt our fundraising methods, but we were thrilled to see that our community was behind its hospital and the frontline workers 100%.” The PCH Foundation relies on public support to raise the funds necessary to keep the hospital outfitted with the medical equipment and technology needed to maintain patient care. “Thanks to the donations of our caring communities, we will be able to fund every single item listed on the 2020 ‘greatest needs list’ for PCH.”

A great deal of the equipment listed in the campaign is now on order while other pieces are on site and in use at Prince County Hospital. One such piece, as demonstrated by Samantha Augot, is the new Coagulation Instrument in the PCH Laboratory ($28,700) that provides back up testing for blood clotting. As the main analyzer is in such high demand, it is necessary to keep a backup to maintain care levels at PCH. A number of items were needed in the Emergency Department in the 2020 appeal including new lobby seating (on order), a Spot Vital Sign device (a hands free tool to record vital signs) and a bladder scanner as displayed by Dr. John Morash. The PCH Foundation will now being their planning for their 2021 appeal that will officially launch in the spring. For more information on the PCH Foundation, or to make a gift, visit pchcare.com.