2021 Results – Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots

During the live auction Saturday, September 4th at the 13th Annual Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots, Lucas Arsenault joined Mr. Ellis on the stage to announce a 10 year commitment of $250,000 to help support much needed medical equipment for the Prince County Hospital.  Lucas cited the exceptional care the family received when his wife Jennie gave birth to their sons, Maverick and Cullen, at the Prince County Hospital. “Jennie had requested that we drive from Cornwall up to Summerside,” said Lucas. “…the equipment, the people, the private rooms all made for a wonderful experience for the births of our two sons.” Jennie adds, “We chose PCH to bring our boys into this world because of the setting and atmosphere of the maternity suites. The care we received while we were there by the doctors, nurses, and staff was second to none.” Jennie also recognized the importance of this year’s Vital Signs appeal as it prominently features the replacement of the Digital Mammography Unit; a piece near and dear to her. “I was diagnosed at age 30 with breast cancer after an ultrasound. The mammography machines at the time did not show my cancer, as they were not able to detect cancer in young women with dense breasts. I get yearly MRI’s and Mammograms, so funding for new mammography machines directly affects me and my continued care by my physicians. These new machines will give me and many other women the confidence and reassurance in their health that cancer survivors often need after they have completed treatment.”

“Pledges such as this mean a great deal to the PCH Foundation,” says Rick Kennedy, the Foundation’s volunteer board president. “It means that not only can we count on a gift in 2021, but the further payments allow us to plan for future medical equipment needs. The Arsenault Bros and our other generous donors, make the future even brighter at PCH.”

“Year after year, the support of the community is astounding,” continues Kennedy. “It truly shows how the donors value their hospital and understand that up-to-date medical equipment is crucial to quality care. Having the right tools in the right hands is of the utmost importance. The gala event was an amazing night for PCH and the patients it serves and we must single out and thank Warren Ellis for his efforts in making this event a reality and the huge success that it is.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this event,” says organizer Warren Ellis. “We had so many generous people come to our stage. They all have their reasons for supporting, but they all see the value in keeping our hospital in tip top shape. Keeping our hospital equipped is paramount.”

“I want to thank everyone who made a major donation this year,” Ellis continued. “From the Arsenault Brothers and Cavendish Farms to the PCH Auxiliary and all in between, each donation means a great deal to me and to the hospital. And, of course, the significant matching commitment provided by the Province was certainly appreciated. I would also like to thank the many volunteers who helped make the food assembly and drive-thru a success. And, finally, our amazing auction bidders…they made such an impact this year.”

Warren Ellis was inspired to create this gala event over a decade ago and, since then, he, his family, and the team at Summerside Chrysler Dodge (in particular Sheila Taweel) with the support of the PCH Foundation have nurtured and grown the event to be the fundraising giant that it is. Not only do they supply a Jeep for the draw, but Warren personally sells nearly every ticket and covers the costs associated with the event; meaning that 100% of the proceeds from the event can go directly to the purchase of medical equipment needs at the PCH.

The PCH Foundation also offers its deepest thanks to the many donors who came to the stage at our auction, the bidders who flooded it with support, and the volunteers who prepared and served takeout meals throughout the day in less than ideal weather.

The success of Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots will bring the PCH Foundation significantly closer to its Vital Signs appeal goal for 2021. With the continued support of the caring communities, the PCH Foundation board and staff hope to provide all of the equipment on the list of greatest needs at PCH this year and every year.