A Note from PCHF Staff

Dear Friends of Prince County Hospital and the PCH Foundation,

Let’s take some time out for a little good news today! I think we can all use that.

Over the past weeks, we have witnessed some very generous and caring acts benefiting our wonderful team here at the Prince County Hospital. This has included words of encouragement by email, thoughtful pictures and messages from children in our communities, many acts of kindness from individuals and businesses, and online donations received with positive messages from grateful people. It fills our hearts and gives strength to everyone.

You should know that PCH Leadership and front-line staff are working tirelessly to plan and prepare for the impact of COVID-19. Hospital security and screening measures have been stepped up to reduce risk for patients and visitors. A pre-screening mobile for emergency patients has been set-up outside the Emergency Department to help support increased volumes of patients if the need arises. (This does not replace 811 or the cough and fever clinics). In addition, ample space has been identified within the building to care for symptomatic patients and house the crucial supplies required for their care.

In times of crisis we all need feelings of hope. This pandemic has greatly impacted our Island community causing uncertainty for many people. However, standing in the midst of the unknown, taking care of business, well equipped and ready to serve is a little bit of certainty we all need… your hospital. It is here for you; providing care close to home.
It is your kindness and support that we will remember most when this is finally over. Thank you for continuing to make a difference to all patients and staff at Prince County Hospital.
Stay well.

On behalf of the PCH Board of Directors and Staff
Heather Matheson, Lisa Schurman-Smith, Bevan Woodacre, Kelly Arsenault and Maureen Campbell