Friendship 100 KM Team Challenge

September 1st-14th, 2020

With the cancellation of both the Friendship Run for PCH and the Annual PCH/QEH Bedpan Trophy Relay, the PCH Foundation, in consultation with Dr Michael Irvine and Sheila MacMurdo, is proposing a new  virtual event that can be held with social distancing in mind. The Friendship 100KM Team Challenge will see much of the team camaraderie and healthy competition from the Friendship Run and the Bedpan Relay without the crowded start or finish lines or the handing off of a baton.

Race Logistics

Teams will assemble 10-20 people who will divide the 100km goal into increments of 5 or 10km, utilizing the well known run routes of the Friendship Run. Runners must complete their solo 5 or 10 km continuously (in one run) between September 1st and 14th along the Friendship  Run courses on the map provided. Please run your exact distance. Any extra distance will be removed based on your average distance/second. Once your run is complete, you are to take a screenshot of the app you are using and send it to . The screenshot should include distance, time, GPS mapping of the route, and the date to qualify. Suggested apps -Strava, Garmin, Nike + Run Club, Map My Run (All are free downloads. Apps require data to use). Please ensure your submission includes your name and team name. Individual times will be compiled into a cumulative team time by race coordinators.

The team that completes the 100KM with the lowest recorded group time is declared the winner!

Runners are asked to gather pledges in support of medical equipment at Prince County Hospital using the pledge forms provided. Minimum pledge amount/entry fee is set at $25 per runner to take part in the event. Donors can also support runners at this link , noting in the form whom they are supporting.

Runners: Please submit your results to
(run time, team name, screenshot of running app/photo proof on run)

Bevan Woodacre  902.432.2858                   

Sheila MacMurdo   902.438.4480



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