Friendship 100KM Team Challenge

The Friendship 100KM Team Challenge is a new virtual event that can be held with social distancing in mind. We will see much of the team camaraderie and healthy competition from the cancelled Friendship Run and the Bedpan Relay without the crowded start/finish lines or the handing off of a baton.

Teams of 10-20 people will divide the 100km goal into increments of 5 or 10km, using the well-known run routes of the Friendship Run. Runners must complete their solo 5 or 10 km continuously (in one run) between September 4th and 12th along the Friendship Run courses on the map provided and submit their time and race data (see link below).

The team that completes the 100KM with the lowest recorded group time is declared the winner! (PCH and Community Catergories)
Have your captain contact Bevan Woodacre in the PCH Foundation office or Sheila MacMurdo in PCH Rehabilitative Services. Deadline for entry is August 21st.
Bevan Woodacre 902.432.2858
Sheila MacMurdo 902.438.4480

Full Details here