PCH Foundation Raises Over $1 Million in 2012


Over the century the Prince County Hospital has been open, many things have changed. The one thing that never wavers is the community’s unmitigated support of their hospital. “Thanks to the continued generosity of our caring communities, the Prince County Hospital Foundation was able to raise $1,036,324 for medical equipment at our hospital last year,” Heather Matheson, Managing Director for the Prince County Hospital Foundation. 

She continued, “Many factors play into such a successful campaign. Memorial donations, special events, and mailout appeals all play significant roles in providing medical equipment for the Prince County Hospital. There are no government dollars for such equipment. All of the equipment from the 2012 campaign will be purchased with gifts made by the community throughout the year. Every dollar counts.”

A great deal of the success from last year stems from growth. Fundraisers such as Lights for Life and Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots saw their largest dollars raised. Not to mention that Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots also garnered a large multi-year pledge from Robert Irving and Cavendish Farms of $250,000, set to begin in 2013. Multi-year pledges made by businesses and individuals are key to the long term fundraising goals of the Prince County Hospital Foundation.

“Thanks to the successes of 2012 and our many supporters, the Prince County Hospital Foundation will be able to assist the hospital in purchasing the entire list of items in the 2012 Vita Signs Equipment Campaign,” says Matheson. The Foundation uses funds raised to purchase medical equipment for all departments of PCH. Some departments have lengthy lists of equipment needs. For instance, in order to keep Surgical Services vibrant and viable, equipment costs topped $324,700 in 2012. Ambulatory Care continues to grow and costs are significant each year. For that department, over $110,000 was used to purchase six vital sign machines, blood draw monitors and a video exam scope. Improvements for the youngest patients at PCH continue in Maternal Child Care with the purchase of 2 new infant warmers. These units offer features above and beyond their predecessors, meeting new Canadian standards of care. 

The new year promises to be one laden with new challenges. Boasting the largest single year campaign since the PCH Foundation’s inception 20 years ago, in 2013 the PCH Foundation must raise $1,308,345.00. The campaign will begin a three year plan to revitalize the Diagnostic Imaging Department. This department, which houses X-Ray, Mammography, CT, among other services, faces aging equipment and the need for more advanced technology. To keep up with technological advances, the current X-Ray/Fluoroscopy unit, utilized for special procedures and as a secondary general X-Ray unit will be replaced by a new digital 2 in 1 dual purpose unit. The Diagnostic Imaging needs in 2013 account for over 58% of the dollars needed.

“Our goals are not possible without the continued support of our many donors. It is they who truly ensure the future of the Prince County Hospital for their family, friends and neighbours. For this we are truly grateful,” says Matheson.

Key Items from 2012 Equipment Campaign:

CBC Analyzer – $100,000.00 (Laboratory)

Vital Signs Monitors (6) $26,000.00 (Ambulatory Care)

Endoscope Reprocessor – $85,000.00 (Surgical Services)

Cardiac Doppler – $6,000.00 (Intensive Care) 

Ceiling Lifts and tracks – $15,000.00 (Medical–Palliative Care)


Photo: May Lou Crozier, RN, left and Jennifer Collins, RN, right, display one of two new infant warmer for the Maternal Child Care Unit. The new units will not only provide warmth for a newborn, but also feature other vital functions. They have an oxygen blender built in, as well as the ability to measure oxygen saturation which the previous units did not include. The new units offer a safer delivery of oxygen with automated pressures and are more efficient, meeting national regulations. There will be another two needed in the 2013 equipment campaign. Over 400 babies are born at PCH each year.