Vital Signs 2013

Each year for the Vital Signs Annual Equipment Campaign, a list of priority medical equipment is identified and approved by the Medical Advisory Board.  This year the list of medical equipment totals $1,308,345. Because the Prince County Hospital requires this new equipment to continue providing quality care to Islanders, the hospital foundation will need the help of the communities PCH serves.

This is the largest annual campaign goal in Foundation history. Diagnostic Imaging (DI) services accounts for $770,000 of the total equipment this year. DI will be replacing the current X-Ray / Fluoroscopy unit with a new digital dual purpose room utilized for special procedures and general X-Ray. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient and played on a monitor like an X-Ray movie.  From Surgical Services to the Maternal Child Care Unit, each department of PCH relies on DI to provide them with a window into what may be ailing a patient using X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, CT Scan and Mammography, among other services.

Though a major factor in this year’s campaign, DI only represents a portion of the medical equipment on this year’s list.  From life saving equipment like the portable defibrillator needed in Surgery, to the Panda iRes Bedded Infant Warmer used to stabilize newborns, our healthcare providers count on having the latest technology at their fingertips.  

Tim Hockin and his wife Nao can attest to the need for up to date medical equipment.  When their daughter Rina was born this past winter, Nao Hockin was aware that she would be delivering her baby earlier than usual.  She was admitted to PCH at 36 weeks in February and labour was induced.  Baby girl Rina Hockin was born 4 weeks early and weighed 4 pounds, 2 ounces.  Due to her early arrival, Tim and Nao did not know what complications may arise, or if their baby would be able to breathe on her own. With a room full of healthcare professionals and nursing staff, the Panda iRes Infant Warmer was prepared.  This new technology was imperative in Rina’s first moments. The unit provides blended oxygen, necessary warmth, and the ability to measure oxygen saturation. Fortunately, PCH was equipped with the Infant Warmers as the Foundation recently purchased two units in 2012 thanks to the generous donations received from the community.   “She was so small that she was not able to maintain her body heat,” says new father Tim Hockin, “but luckily she was able to breathe on her own.” Moments like this make parents Tim and Nao very grateful to have a state of the art hospital in their back yard.  This year there is another essential infant warmer on the equipment list valued at $33,000.

Recently, the CBC’s “Fifth Estate” recognized the value of PCH to Islanders, giving it an “A” rating.  Prince County Hospital treats thousands of Islanders annually and the help of each and every donor will make a difference in their lives. Help is needed to raise the over $1.3 Million required for medical equipment this year. There is no government funding for medical equipment on PEI. Monthly giving is available and gifts can be made securely online at  The Prince County Hospital Foundation is very grateful for the support of its many donors, as the Foundation’s campaign aims to keep the “A” rated Prince County Hospital vibrant and viable.  

The Vital Signs Annual Equipment Campaign mail out appeal is in mailboxes now.  This mailing, normally sent in September, was moved in anticipation of such a large fundraising goal in 2013.  For a more comprehensive list of equipment needs and to hear more about the Hockin family’s story, please visit, call (902) 432-2547 or visit the Foundation office in the lobby of PCH.

Photo: Tim and Nao Hockin look upon daughter Rina as she rests in one of two Panda iRes Infant Warmers purchased in 2012.  Another warmer is on the 2013 equipment list, valued at $33,000.