COVID 19 Project

As part of the $50,000 short term COVID 19 project, the Internal Medicine Physicians have requested the emergency purchase of a glidescope system for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a cost of $31,000.

This device is essential for PCH during this pandemic to obtain an emergency airway for COVID-19 patients during intubation. This device assists in seeing the vocal cords to ensure a secure airway is attained by allowing the user to actually see and verify tube placement.

Currently the ICU does not have a glidescope device system and is required to borrow from the Emergency Department which is not always possible.

Photo: Staff have been doing simulations in ICU almost daily the last two weeks using the unit from ER in preparation for possible ventilation of COVID patients.
If you want to help support this emergency purchase for PCH, please visit /pch-covid-19-project/

Or call us at (902) 432-2547 to make your gift today.