The first annual Bedpan Trophy Relay supporting QEH and PCH Foundations will take place on June 13th. Teams of 12, made up of staff, nurses, and physicians from each hospital, will have members running legs of the Confederation Trail from their home base over a 60 km route currently being mapped and marked thanks to Dave Lewis. The team to reach their finish line first wins and takes home a Bedpan Trophy! This new event promises to raise some competitive spirit and some much needed funds for both QEH and PCH. Team members are now collecting pledges with the proceeds supporting the purchase of medical equipment at both facilities. For further information please, or, or call the QEH Foundation at 902-894-2425, or the PCH Foundation at 902-432-2547. A big thank you to Stanley Bridge Hall Sterling Women’s Institute for sponsoring the social for runners following the event. Pictured is organizer Dr. Joanne Reid, second from left in the front row, with some of the PCH team members. FOR RUNNERS: Pledge Form: OFFICIAL PLEDGES QEH PCH Bedpan Trophy Relay Pledge Form 2   Info pack: INFO PACK FOR RUNNERS