Teacher April Chaulk and her husband Brockk had been waiting nine long months for their first child to arrive. The day came last year when little Baxter joined them in the Maternal Child Care Unit at the Prince County Hospital. At first, all seemed fine. This should have been the most joyous moment of April’s life.  “Shortly after Baxter was born, he was placed on my chest for about 30 minutes and then I started to feel extremely weak and the nurse came and checked and I had hemorrhaged very, very badly.” April was rushed to surgery to investigate the source of her bleeding. “I remember looking at my husband and Baxter, he was under the lights.”  Baxter needed some time in the Infant Warmer (included in each of the private birthing suites), he also had a bit of jaundice that could be cleared up with UV lights, if needed (it wasn’t). “I remember leaving him and seven nurses rolled me down to the OR. I opened my eyes part way through and looked at the nurse and said, ‘am I going to be okay?’ and she said ‘We are going to get you back to your baby.’ At that … View full news story.