FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE“Community Partnership for PCH” April 8, 2021 SUMMERSIDE,PE   The City of Summerside and the Prince County Hospital Foundation are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Prince County Hospital on a pilot project at PCH. This community partnership is aimed at filling ongoing vacant Intensive Care nursing roles at the hospital with experienced ICU nurses and retaining permanent staff in the Emergency Department and ICU.. The venture is meant to complement existing efforts and to bring experienced staff to this critical unit. Paul Young, Acting Administrator for Prince County Hospital, “We are overwhelmed and so inspired to bear witness to the PCH Foundation and the City of Summerside so graciously and generously answering our call for help to support the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals in our facility. We are so encouraged at the potential of this partnership to explore opportunities to complement the excellent work of the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat.” As the City sees PCH as a cornerstone of the community, they have come forward with facility packages at the CUP and a variety of draws for new and existing permanent hospital staff including enhanced packages for new recruits in ICU and Emergency Department. … View full news story.