With the recent mailing of our annual Vital Signs appeal, our fundraising year is officially underway. Chief amongst the essential, life-saving medical equipment to be replaced are the hospital’s three Ultrasound machines. At $525,000, the units make up a significant portion of the $2,391,810 list of greatest needs for patient care.  “Most people would recognize this Ultrasound technology for its use in obstetrical exams at all stages of pregnancy, but ultrasound is used for many things at PCH each day ranging from aneurysm detection to locating gallstones, blood clots, breast exams and vascular studies,” says Meaghan Noye, PCH Ultrasound Coordinator. “We are VERY excited to be able to get new machines! The machines that we will be getting are amazing! We will be getting some new imaging packages that allows us to expand the scope of exams that we currently perform. We will still be able to perform all exams we currently offer and when trained on the new machine capabilities, be able to offer additional information to physicians. Image quality is greatly improved on the new machines as well, which allows us to see more while improving patient comfort.” “Ultrasound can be a window into a patient’s diagnosis,” said … View full news story.