Youth Who Care

ywc 2016Since 1997, this group of high school students has provided a shadow board to our Board giving them a meaningful experience in volunteering for our hospital. Youth Who Care Directors believe that there is a bright future for youth as contributors in society. Their vision which looks “towards tomorrow” means they are willing to take the challenge and responsibility of building a healthy and strong communities — wherever their lives take them in year to come. The YWC offers unique skill-building opportunities for young people, instilling a life-long commitment to community service in a much wider capacity than just with our organization.

The Youth Directors are guided by five goals on which they focus; Health Promotion, Skill Development, Community Service, Voice of Youth, Fundraising.


If you would like more information on Youth Who Care, please contact Heather Matheson, Foundation Managing Director.

Heather Matheson
Managing Director
(902) 432-2834

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