2013 Campaign A Success

The year 2013 offered some of the greatest challenges and greatest successes since the Prince County Hospital Foundation opened its doors in 1993.  The Foundation’s 20th year brought with it their largest single year campaign goal of $1,308,345.  “We are incredibly pleased to say, that we surpassed our goal in 2013,” says Heather Matheson, Managing Director at the PCH Foundation.   “We are truly amazed by the continued generosity of our caring communities.”

“Exceeding our goal is a significant milestone made possible by the extraordinary generosity of Foundation supporters, who have demonstrated their commitment to the PCH and its longstanding mission of “Getting Better…Together.” said Matheson. “More important than that extraordinarily large dollar amount is the impact that these funds will have—on the lives of our friends, family and neighbours who use the hospital each day. The donations made to all of our initiatives ensure a bright future at the PCH. The entire Foundation community is deeply grateful to each and every one of our donors.  The success of this fundraising campaign is a testimony to the extraordinary generosity of extraordinary people, community groups, service clubs, as well as small and large businesses.”

PCH Foundation Board and Staff, work in conjunction with a great many volunteers everyday, who make events and goals attainable.  From Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots to Lights for Life, each campaign relies on the input from community volunteers to make it happen.  

Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots – a lobster dinner combined with entertainment and a live auction – saw growth in leaps and bounds in 2013.   The auction and ticket sales went very well and the evening raised over $222,000 while also giving light to some very large multi-year commitments.  Both Vector Aerospace Engine Services Atlantic and D.P. Murphy Inc took the stage and made a huge impact in their communities as they each pledged multi-year donations of $200,000.

Matheson continued, “There are many facets in a successful campaign. Memorial donations, special events, and mailout appeals are all vital in providing medical equipment for the Prince County Hospital. All of the equipment from the 2013 campaign will be purchased with gifts made by the community. There are no government dollars for such equipment.  This steadfast commitment to your hospital and the thousands of patients it serves is vital to the care delivered at the PCH everyday.”

This coming year promises to be one laden with new challenges. Last year was the beginning of a three year plan to revitalize the Diagnostic Imaging Department (DI). DI, which houses X-Ray, mammography, CT, among other services, faces aging equipment and the need for more advanced technology. As part of the 2014 campaign three aging ultrasound units will be replaced (valued at $510,000 in total) to keep up with technological advances. Also on the horizon is the replacement of the CT Scan, currently scheduled for 2015.

Photo:  Medical Radiation Technologists Colleen Nicholson, left, and Lisa McCardle review a digital X-Ray on the newly converted portable X-Ray Machine.  As part of last year’s  $770,000 plan to revitalize a dual purpose room in Diagnostic Imaging, the portable X-Ray unit has been refurbished and converted from cassette based X-Rays to digital images.  The digital images are recorded on a detector which can be used with the portable machine.  The results are incredible.  Now the images are ready in 7 seconds on the portable unit which houses a laptop computer for viewing.  Previously the image was recorded on cassette and physically transported from the portable unit to the department for processing before the results were available on a computer system.  Because the unit is portable and the image instantly available, valuable time can be saved which could mean life and death in trauma cases.  The portable X-Ray is vital as it is used on patients throughout the hospital who are unable to leave their bed.  When not in use throughout PCH, the machine functions as the back up X-Ray unit to be housed in the fluoroscopy room #2.  The second portion of the revitalization plan for the dual purpose room will begin this spring when the Fluoroscopy unit is to be replaced.