Meet Kay Mara

Kay Mara expresses her profound gratitude for the exceptional care received during her six-month hospitalization. Kay’s testimony underscores her experience and the hospital’s commitment to patient-centred care, citing how all staff contributed to her well-being, going above and beyond to meet her needs, and demonstrating true dedication to patient care.

Kay’s story started in February 2023, when she was hospitalized with acute respiratory failure and infection in her peritoneal dialysis catheter. After presenting at the PCH Emergency Department, she was sent to QEH where her hemodialysis line was replaced. Once she was stabilized, Kay was transferred to the Surgical Restorative Unit at PCH for her recovery and rehabilitation. At this time, Kay was weak and deconditioned, oxygen and feeding tube-dependent and had lost the use of her lower extremities. Despite these significant challenges, Kay’s determination to avoid permanent institutional care was met with unwavering support from the healthcare team.

PCH Rehabilitative Services, including physiotherapists and physio assistants, worked tirelessly with Kay on basic exercises as she transitioned from a bedridden state to using a wheelchair. With guidance and encouragement, she progressed to walking with a walker and ultimately regaining her mobility without assistance. “The dedication of staff went beyond physical rehabilitation,” says Kay. They provided holistic care addressing her “mind, body, and soul.” She found encouragement in every corner of the hospital, noting that all staff who entered her room were kind and gave her hope. Kay emphasizes the importance of familial support, her husband Mike and daughter Christine playing a crucial role in her recovery. Hospital staff not only assisted Kay but they educated Mike on proper lifting and transfer techniques to prevent injury. Their collective efforts created a supportive environment ensuring Kay’s transition home was smooth and safe. Kay walked out of the PCH Restorative Care Unit on July 28th.

Kay’s journey from dependency to independence is a testament to the transformative impact of Rehabilitation Services and the compassionate healthcare professionals at PCH. Through their collaborative efforts, Kay regained not only her physical strength but her quality of life. Thanks to the generosity of the community, PCH has the medical equipment needed to ensure patients like Kay can thrive.

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