Prince County Hospital Foundation Launches 2023 Vital Signs Appeal to Raise $2,335,450

Photo cutline: PCH surgeon Dr. Simon MacDonald, assisted by LPN Marlene Mann, demonstrates an Endoscope on “patient,” Endoscopy RN Sharon Schurman.

Prince County Hospital Foundation Launches 2023 Vital Signs Appeal to Raise $2,335,450.00 for Medical Equipment

Summerside, Prince Edward Island, May 12th, 2023 – The Prince County Hospital Foundation Board of Directors is excited to announce the launch of its 2023 Vital Signs Appeal, aimed at raising $2,335,450.00 to purchase new and replacement medical equipment for Prince County Hospital.

As one of the two acute healthcare facilities in Prince Edward Island, Prince County Hospital serves a vital role in the community, providing high-quality care to patients from across the region. The hospital’s medical equipment is crucial to delivering the best possible care, but with technology constantly evolving, it’s essential to have the latest advancements for healthcare professionals to continue providing safe and effective care. This year’s list of greatest needs contains critical pieces such as cardiac testing equipment, a “mom” simulator for childbirth training, and a full complement of endoscopes.

The scopes to be replaced include gastroscopes and colonoscopes used to examine the digestive tract and bronchoscopes used to explore the lungs. According to PCH Surgeon Dr. Simon MacDonald, “With newer technology, they (scopes) will be lighter and easier to use, which is better for us and better for the patients. The biggest thing is the better image quality, leading to better detection.”

“The scopes at PCH have performed well and have surpassed their typical lifespan and must be replaced,” says Gordon MacFarlane, President of the Prince County Hospital Foundation.  “These essential diagnostic tools will come at no small cost ($900,000) but their value for patient care far outweighs the price of replacement.”

“Our community depends on Prince County Hospital every day for their acute care. Everything from emergency surgery to childbirth happens at PCH,” continues MacFarlane. “The 2023 Vital Signs Appeal is an opportunity for us to come together and ensure our hospital has the latest technology for our caregivers to provide the best treatment possible.”

The Prince County Hospital Foundation invites the community to support the 2023 Vital Signs Appeal by making a gift today. Every dollar raised will help the hospital purchase the latest medical equipment, ensuring that Prince Edward Island residents have access to care close to home.

To make a gift or learn more about the 2023 Vital Signs Appeal, visit the foundation’s website at Contributions can also be made at the PCH Foundation office in the hospital lobby or by calling (902) 432-2547.

About Prince County Hospital Foundation

The Prince County Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting the Prince County Hospital in providing the best possible healthcare to the people of Prince Edward Island. The foundation raises funds to purchase medical equipment, improve facilities, and support healthcare programs that benefit patients cared for at Prince County Hospital.