The Hockin Family, Grateful for Quality Care

hockin 2Nao Hockin was aware that she would be delivering her baby earlier than usual. She was admitted to PCH on Wednesday, February 20th and at 36 weeks Nao’s labour was induced. She was in mild labour throughout the day, however that all intensified when her water broke at 5:00 pm. Baby girl Rina Hockin was born February 21st at 1:39 am. She was 4 weeks early and weighed 4 lbs, 2 ozs.

Due to her early arrival, Tim and Nao did not know what complications may arise or if their baby would be able to breathe on her own. With a room full of healthcare professionals including Dr. Freeman, Dr. Farag, Respiratory Therapist Abdul Rahma and Nursing staff, the Panda iRes Infant Warmer was prepared. This new technology was imperative in baby Rina’s first moments. The unit provides the necessary warmth but also had the ability to measure her oxygen saturation. Fortunately, PCH was equipped with the Infant Warmers as the Foundation recently purchased two units in 2012 thanks to the generous donations received from the community.

“She was so small that she was not able to maintain her body heat,” says new father Tim Hockin, “but luckily she was able to breathe on her own.” Moments like this make new parents Tim and Nao very grateful to have a state of the art hospital in their back yard. “It was truly comforting to know that PCH was fully equipped and able to take care of our new baby,” said Tim. “At first we thought we would have to travel to either Charlottetown or Halifax due to her early arrival, but luckily we found out that her birth and her care could take place here at PCH.”

Now, nearly 2 months later, baby Rina is gaining weight and making great progress. Tim and Nao have nothing but wonderful things to say about their experience at PCH and give thanks for the wonderful care they were given during their 2 week stay on the Maternal Child Care unit.

Nao, formerly of Japan, has been living in Summerside for 6 years with husband Tim, a teacher and rugby coach at Three Oaks Senior High School. The Hockins experienced first hand the importance of annual donations to the PCH Equipment Fund. Donations like this are what made it possible for their baby to have a wonderful start to her life, with the latest technology available right here in their hometown.

Photo: Tim and Nao Hockin look upon daughter Rina as she rests in 1 of 2 Panda iRes Infant Warmers purchased in 2012. Another warmer is on the 2013 equipment list, valued at $33,000.