The Roberts’ 5th Annual Antique Farm Event Supports PCH

Our Communications Officer, Bevan, had the chance to visit the Roberts’ property in Kinkora this fall to accept a most generous donation of $5,200 from Peter and Paulette Roberts. Here is the story of how the family turned an old cow barn into a gathering place for Island farm history, benefiting PCH Foundation and baby Paizlee Rose

The Roberts’ old cattle barn was being used as an ice rink in the winters when Peter Roberts’ children were small. Dubbed “Cow Stadium” (a play on Summerside’s old Cahill Stadium), the children of Kinkora had a place to lace up their skates for a number of years. As Peter’s children outgrew the rink, the barn was taken over by a collection of antique farm machinery and tractors that were amassed by Peter and his father Lorne. Recently, the Roberts family held their 5th annual Antique Show and Silent Auction in that space, raising $10,400 to be split between the PCH Foundation and in support of local baby Paizlee Rose.

For years upon years the Roberts family has been farming potatoes on the outskirts of Kinkora. Gradually, other farms went up for sale in the surrounding area. Peter Roberts and his father Lorne were able to purchase some of those farms when such an opportunity arose. Along with the land you would sometimes inherit an old piece of farm equipment; some of it was in usable condition, but other pieces were kept outside or placed in storage. For example, “…a conveyor might be put to use bringing potatoes up out of the basement when we were kids,” remarked Peter. “You didn’t want a day off school, that’s for sure. There was always work to be done.” But the Roberts never shied away from a bit of hard work. Hard work was not only their business, it became their hobby as their collection of farm equipment continued to grow. Robert and Lorne would spend the winters restoring some choice pieces and getting them moving again. As those pieces filled up the barn, they began wanting to share this hobby and history with like-minded folks. Family farming is, after all, a significant piece of Island life and lore. So, they invited the community to view the collection and they accepted donations to help worthy causes… like the PCH Foundation. This year, in its fifth iteration, the event included not only the Roberts’ collection, but also antique cars, entertainment, food service and more – raising $10,400. Thank you to the Roberts clan (Lorne, Honey, Peter, Paulette and family) for sharing their passion and their generosity with the PCH Foundation, the hospital, and the thousands of patients it serves.

If you too would like to host a fundraiser to support medical equipment needs at PCH, please call Bevan at (902) 432-2858, email