Vital Signs 2023 results

PCH continues to be critical for Islanders as evidenced by the unwavering support shown to the PCH Foundation in 2023. Thanks to their thousands of donations, the Prince County Hospital Foundation is poised to fulfill the entire 2023 “Vital Signs” list, addressing the hospital’s most crucial medical equipment needs. A full complement of scopes for the Endoscopy Unit in Ambulatory Care was the focal point of the 2023 appeal and those pieces are in the acquisition process now. The majority of the approximately 2800 scopes performed at PCH per year are planned procedures done in the Endoscopy Unit of Ambulatory Care. However, some scopes can be done in emergent situations in the Operating Rooms. According to PCH Surgeon Dr. Simon MacDonald, “With newer technology, they (scopes) will be lighter and easier to use, which is better for us and better for the patients. The biggest thing is better image quality leading to better detection.” Many other items like the Simulation Mannikins for training in Maternal Child Care have already been acquired and are in active use at PCH.

The 2023 fundraising goal of $2.3 million was surpassed by diverse fundraising avenues thanks to the generosity of many people from communities across PEI. PCH Foundation Managing Director Heather Matheson emphasized the pivotal role of the “Vital Signs” mail program, coupled with corporate and personal donations, online giving, monthly donations, staff support, and successful signature events such as “Grass Roots and Cowboy Boots” and “Lights for Life.”

The organization also experienced growth in community fundraising, where people undertook special events and activities to support the hospital. Heather Matheson added, “We are ever so grateful to the people and groups who take on these challenges and become champions for their hospital.” Foundation President Gordon MacFarlane stressed the vital role of community support in ensuring the hospital’s functionality. He highlighted how donations enable the provision of top-notch medical tools to the dedicated staff, physicians, and nurses, helping them to offer quality patient care. MacFarlane added, “It’s comforting to know that when time matters most, our healthcare providers have what they need to save lives.”

Looking ahead, the PCH Foundation’s volunteer Board of Directors, at their January meeting, assessed a new greatest needs list for PCH, encompassing medical equipment and technology for nearly every hospital unit. The upcoming 2024 Vital Signs appeal will exceed $2 million and will encompass a range of items including Fetal Monitors and Cardiac Monitors for Maternity, Wheelchairs for a variety of units, Cardiac Ultrasound (Echo) Equipment for Diagnostic Imaging and much more.

For those interested in staying updated or supporting the PCH Foundation, they can be found on social media @pchfoundation and on their website


Photo 1 cutline: PCH surgeon Dr. Simon MacDonald demonstrates an Endoscope.

Photo 2 cutline: PCH Foundation President Gordon MacFarlane (centre) presents a ceremonial cheque for the 2023 Vital Signs appeal to Acting Administrator/Director of Nursing Rebecca Kewley and Medical Director Dr. Tyler McDonell.