Vital Signs Equipment Appeal 2019

Photo: “I just wanted to be home.” Angie MacCaull can attest to the value of care close to home. (Read Angie’s story here). Angie is pictured with one of 29 cardiac monitors to be replaced in 2019.

When we think of the heart, its power and what it symbolizes in our lives, we think of many things. The heart is the engine that sustains life; it’s also meant to represent the love you have for the important people in around you. What you want for them and for yourself is health and happiness. As a major part of the PCH Foundation’s Vital Signs Appeal this year, we will be talking a lot about the heart. A key part of this campaign is the replacement of all of the cardiac monitors at PCH. This two year project is the “heart” of our campaign and it touches nearly every person admitted to PCH. The cardiac monitors represent $420,000 of the $2.2 million needed to provide up-to-date medical equipment for the patients at PCH this year.  A host of other medical equipment needed to keep care close to home can be found at

We need your help to ensure our patients have all of the medical equipment they need. To help your friends and family today, click the green donate button above or call (902) 432-2547.

Or come by the PCH Foundation office in the lobby of the hospital to give today.